hi, we're maddie + andrew

three weeks before turning 19, i (maddie) bought my first dslr camera, hopped on a plane to explore alaska and never looked back. meanwhile, andrew was pursuing a bfa with a major in film production at nscad university. fast forward eleven years, three cities, careers in communications, and tech, and a couple of dogs later and here we are, passionate as ever about capturing special moments with incredible people.

we live for raw emotion and aim to create memories for you to hold onto forever - we want you to laugh, cry (happy tears), and really feel each time you look though your photos and watch your videos. we want to tell a story. and we believe the best way to do that is to be friends first. standing in front of a lens and a person you don't know can be intimidating. but standing in front of a friend holding their camera? much less so. 

so let's grab a coffee - or a glass of wine ayyyyyy, chat about life, and start planning! second to shooting (and our dogs, of course), is a passion for traveling and exploring new places, meeting new people, and making new memories. and honestly, facetime isn't that bad when we're just getting started. ;)

drop us a line and let's make magic together.